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Snail Bob 1 is a unique flash game, where you will be put into the shoes of the snail that is looking for a new place (home) to live in. Overcoming difficult obstacles during the game makes this makes more interesting. Every time when you complete a challenging level, you will be a close chance for finding a new home to live in. As the game progress over time, it gets harder for you with a wide range of challenges like launching the snail through the air, pulling levers or pushing buttons to avoid apparent dangers coming. This game can be easily played by those who are experienced in playing puzzle games and even children can play this game. The control keys are number keys that are used to speed up or slow down the movement of snails. To interact with another object in gaming environment you can use the left mouse button. If the snail dies without completing the all twenty levels of the game, you can replay the game. The graphics are energetic which matches to the moods of every gamer.

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, 9.0 out of 10 based on 97 ratings